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Wedding planning

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You've come to the one-stop shop for wedding planning. We offer a complimentary consultation during which we learn about your hopes and dreams for your special day. Once we understand your budget, the style and atmosphere you're seeking, and any special requests you may have, we put together a proposal for your review that incorporates all of your desires, and assures that your wedding day is one that you will remember happily for many years to come!

We begin with wedding invitations, customized to fit your personality and the tone that you want to convey for the day: formal, casual, light hearted, sentimental, retro, or? Our award-winning graphic designers choose papers, fonts, and colors that support the unique design they offer for your consideration. Everything we do is iterative: we work with you and make adjustments until the outcome is perfect for you!

Do you need an officiant? We have a non-denominational officiant who will work with you to structure the service that reflects who the two of you are, and who you want to be, together. If you would like a church wedding, we will help you think about musical choices and readings for the service (and can provide an organist, if required) as well as planning the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

What about locations for the reception? If you're looking for something rustic, we have access to a stunning old barn that has been the site of many beautiful weddings. If you have a big budget and want something more glitzy, we can contact The Celebration Farm. What about a visually stunning, superb, sit-down dinner? We have a relationship with Orchard Green, which offers old-world elegance, including vaulted ceilings and beautiful woodwork. Or maybe you would like an "all in one" option: a reception in the rustic Palmer House Stable in Solon, with a loft where you can spend your wedding night. There are many options, and we will work with you to find the spot that best suits you.

What about transportation for you and your wedding party? We can reserve a limousine for an elegant touch, or get a party bus, if you're looking for something more casual.

Images Salon will offer the bride and her bridesmaids a private array of highly discounted personal services, hair styling, makeup, mani- and pedi-cures, and even massages. You can drive there together on the party bus! Our photographer, who will have been present for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, will join you, if you like, to keep a record of candid shots for your whole event. Formal shots will be taken whenever and wherever you choose.

We will help you with flowers--boutonnieres, bouquets, and centerpieces--from our florist or from private gardens. Special decorations? What about music for the reception? Whether you need a DJ or a jazz trio, we're on it! And FOOD! Do you want a sit-down dinner, a buffet meal, or just cake and champagne? We will put together menu options that will make your mouth water. Our vendors are the best Iowa City has to offer, ranging from casual to formal options. And the wedding cake bakers are second to none!

Do you want to have special touches for your day? What about ordering a custom rhymed toast for the best man to give, or custom rhymed vows? We also offer custom porcelain ceramics. Set up a bridal registry on our web site, with your choice of dishware, vases, and more! Order custom vases for centerpieces at the reception, pencil holders for groomsmen's gifts, or mugs for the bridesmaids--all engraved with your wedding date.

These are just some samples of what we offer, but there's much more. We can make anything happen! Give us a call, and let's talk. We'll come up with a proposal and work with you until every last detail is perfect for you. The only thing we care about is making you happy. That requires careful listening, creativity, and uncompromising quality. And that's what we deliver! Let us help you create the wedding of your dreams!

We charge $500 or 15% of the total costs of the wedding and reception--whichever is higher. If we have a very small wedding, with minimal expenditures, then we keep track of our time, and charge $50 per hour. But we are sensitive to limited budgets and are happy to work with you to find a workable financial arrangement.

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